Dreams are dreams

The mind that BELIEVES, “I have to have X to be happy.” carries a millstone.  Whether that millstone is, “I have to have that new car.” or whether it’s, “I have to live in a world where there is no more racism.” the dream of a world that is different, better (by your judgment) than […]

The Gift of Peace

Let’s assume that in truth, peace lies within, an intrinsic property of the mind, something invulnerable that cannot be destroyed or taken away; but, which can be forgotten or ignored. What is the benefit to you is accepting this assumption and acting for a while as if it is true?  If it is true and […]

Where is peace to be found?

Consider the lessons learned by and taught by a Zen master sitting beneath a waterfall in quiet meditation. The Zen master has learned to disregard sensation, to see it as unimportant; and, in thinking sensation unimportant, has freed his mind from sensation and come to find peace within. The master has learned that bodies do […]

Specialness and the Ego

I’ve seen many people criticize and condemn vegetarians.  Almost always the criticism seems to be “They think they’re better than me” or “They just want to be special.”  And, for some, this may be true; but, what is gained in criticizing that?  What is it within the individual that WANTS to criticize others?  Is it […]

What do you long for?

What does the heart want?  Do we want love or do we want judgment?  Do we ache to judge and be judged?  Do you look forward with eager anticipation to those moments of criticism and condemnation?  Does criticism fill your heart with joy? Does criticism EVER bring us joy?  Perhaps, some sense of satisfaction from […]

Innocence is Real

There are few who would argue that a child, a newborn, an infant is anything other than innocent. As children come into the world, we perceive their innocence and delight in it. At the core of us all, that innocence remains. A child may make a mess in their diaper. A child may even pee […]

I Don’t Know

As any of you who have read much of what I’ve written here may have figured out, I tend to be a teeny, tiny, eensy-weensy bit obsessive about truth and looking at things from multiple different angles. One of the hardest things, for me, personally, has been accepting that I don’t actually NEED to have […]

False Humility

I suspect a lot of you out there struggle to some extent or another with False Humility.  And, of course, as I so often do, what I’m really saying is that I, myself, have struggled with false humility and that, while I am unique, I am by no means that special and others are inevitably […]

Weakness Leaving the Body

There are many who think that “Pain means something is wrong.”  It’s kind of an obvious thought, isn’t it?  And, like many obvious thoughts, it misses a lot and has some serious downsides to going around believing it. Let me go one step further, “Pain means something is wrong” is a dangerous oversimplification that actively […]

Express Your Uniqueness

I’m feeling kind of antsy right now. I haven’t really pissed anybody off in a while and I kind of feel like I’m not doing my job right.  I’m here to shake things up and get people thinking in new ways and it’s not supposed to be this easy.  Come on people!  Get mad at […]